China Insider curates collections for individuals and organizations, provides collection management, creates catalogues, and conducts in-depth research. During her tenure at China Institute, France Pepper collaborated on over 20 exhibitions. Each collection, exhibition and project is approached with knowledge, sensitivity, aesthetic quality, and experience. Clients benefit from France's ability to resonate with individual interests and organizational missions. 

France's curatorial approach includes an emphasis on educational programming. Clients are kept abreast of relevant events in their areas of interest. She curates trips to exhibitions, travel to museum collections, and arranges museum storage visits in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

France also curates public programs, art salons, lectures and symposia.

Selected past programs include

The Arts of Asia
From Cathay to Khita'i: The Development of Chinoiserie in Mongol Iran
Picturing Heaven: Pathways to Paradise in Medieval China
Transmission of Islamic & Chinese Motifs along The Silk Road

Art Meets Practice: Buddhism in China from the 5th-9th Centuries
Meeting of Two Cultures: China and Japan at Jingdezhen
SHU: Reinventing Books in Contemporary Chinese Art
China Briefing: Art, Religion and Contemporary Culture

Short Courses:
Chinese Characters: A Visual Language
Tang and Song Poetry
Tea in Classical Chinese Literature
Contemporary Chinese Art: Part 1&2

Shadow Puppets
While We've Still Got Feet: Bells, Bowls, Gongs, Poems and Shakuhachi
Chinese Opera: The Monkey King