France writes on both traditional and contemporary Chinese art, history and culture. Her published essays and articles have appeared in Oriental ArtArt in America, catalogues and educational websites. 

Dunhuang: A Brief History and Travel Guide to China's Silk Road Oasis
SupChina, 2016

Crafting the Contemporary in Chinese Art
Catalogue essay, Under Heaven: Contemporary Art from China in the Ahmanson Collection, 2016

The Blema and H. Arnold Steinberg Collection of Traditional Chinese Art
Catalogue essay and entries, private collection, 2015

The Daghlian Collection: A Passionate Journey of Collecting Chinese Art
Website conversation and catalogue entries, Queens College, CUNY, 2013

From Jean-Paul Sartre to Teresa Teng: Cantonese Contemporary Art in the 1980s
China: The Empire of Art? 
Beijing Besieged by Waste
Film reviews for East Asian Media Services, University of Illinois, 2009-12

Porcelain, Jingdezhen and Chinese History
Digital Asia, University of Illinois, 2011

Mansheng Wang: Art and Artlessness
Exhibition essay, Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Queens College, CUNY, 2010

Hammer Projects: Chen Qiulin
Catalogue essay, Hammer Museum, UCLA, 2009

Nanjing Triennial Review
Art in America, December 2008 

Dunhuang: A Brief History and Travel Guide to China's Silk Road Oasis

The Thousand Buddha Motif: A Visual Chant in Cave-Temples Along the Silk Road
Oriental Art (Vol. XLIV No. 4, pp. 39 - 45), 1999


As contemporary Chinese art began to flourish, France produced Art Salon: The Culture of Contemporary Chinese
for China InstituteThis lecture and video series is dedicated to contextualizing the lives of Chinese artists, as they took their place in the international art world. She interviewed leading artists and brought to the forefront issues these artists were facing in China and abroad. 

Ai Weiwei
Chen Qiulin
Hong Lei
Lin Yilin
Song Dong
Sun Xun
Qiu Zhijie

Censorship in the Visual Arts in China
Contemporary Chinese Art Short Course Part 1 & 2
Reinventing Books in Contemporary Chinese Art
Chinese Artists in New York