China Insider consults thought-leaders and businesses interested in China, its position within Asia, and its relations with the world. China’s impact on global trade is monumental. Understanding China from a cultural perspective is essential for successfully doing business with the Chinese.

Clients include luxury and lifestyle business owners, leaders in the asset management field, institutions of higher education, museum directors, and philanthropists. Clients are introduced to key people they want to meet in China.

China Insider offers a range of services, including

  • consulting for businesses interested in providing high-touch services to Chinese traveling and living in the U.S.
  • customized consulting to acclimate industry leaders to China's fast-paced modernizing society
  • workshops and staff training
  • China market-entry strategies for niche industries
  • site visits in China

 For new businesses, China Insider 

  • navigates the foreign environment for you
  • translates what is being said around you
  • interprets the marketplace
  • guides you through the business and cultural landscapes

For existing businesses searching for a creative, diplomatic, and effective way to brand themselves and generate good will, corporate philanthropy is a new frontier in China.

China Insider identifies

  • causes that resonate with your business image and target market
  • guides you through the delicate process of working through the appropriate channels to ensure your endeavors are not miscommunicated or unintentionally sensitive