France is available for private and public speaking engagements. She speaks about traditional and contemporary Chinese and Asian art, and discusses the art within art historical and social contexts. Talks can be conducted within museum and gallery settings, site and studio visits, or in a lecture room.

France lectures regularly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has been a guest lecturer at Columbia University, New York University, Queens College, Concordia College, 92Y Street, New York Public Library, American Museum of Natural History, Sotheby’s, and Art Basel Miami Beach.

Selected talks include

The World of Kubilai Khan
Chinese Ceramics
The Tang Dynasty
Vestiges of the Silk Road: Chinese Art from the 6th - 9th Centuries
Chinese Buddhist Sculpture from Cave-shrines and Temples
Anatomy of a Masterpiece: How to Read a Chinese Painting
Journeys: Mapping the Earth and Mind in Chinese Art
Jade in Chinese Art: A Cultural History
Ancestors, Spirits and Ghosts: Providing for the Afterlife in Chinese Art
China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 A.D. 
The Three Perfections in Chinese Painting
Floral Imagery in Chinese Works of Art
Ancestor Worship, Daoism and Buddhism in Early Chinese Art
Ancient Bronze Mirrors and Other Reflections of Early Chinese Art
The Art of Sichuan
Animal Motifs in Early Chinese Art
Cultivated Landscapes
China, Korea, Japan: Cross-cultural Connections
An Introduction to Japanese Art
Korean Art from the Joson Period  
Indian Art: A Survey